7 Reasons to Wrap Your Vehicle


A cheap $500-$2500 paint job will only guarantee to last 1-2 years depending on the amount of clear coats. Also, chipping, adhesion and overall finish is also an issue with lower end paint services. A premium Paint job on the other hand can cost $3,000-$10,000 depending on the type of paint and quality provided by the shop.

A premium vehicle wrap job on the other hand costs between $2500-$5000 which is near the cost of a cheap to low end premium paint job yet offers advanced protection, durability, colors and quality that rivals premium paint jobs. If cost is a deciding factor than a premium wrap job is your answer!

Retain Resale Value: 

The factory paint is a huge factor among buyers, sellers, and most collectors so keeping the original paint or limiting the layers of paint on a vehicle can be of high importance. A vehicle wrap can keep be safely removed in order to go back to the original factory paint thus preventing a loss of resale value due to removing the the factory paint.

Design and/or Color Change Flexibility:

Not only can you protect the original paint job with a vehicle wrap but you can also change the color and design as often as you like. You can make a vehicle blue for 6 months then try out a newly released color that hits the vinyl wrap market the next. Lets say you want to create a special theme for a a holiday such as Halloween or a company event then you can utilize a vehicle wrap safely knowing you can change or go back to your original paint at any time.

Most vehicle wraps can be safely removed easily within 3 years although there are techniques to rejuvenate and remove even after 7 years if you choose to stick with a particular wrap for an extended period of time.

Installation Time: 

Whereas Painting a vehicle can keep your vehicle unavailable for 2 weeks if not more, wrapping takes between 3-5 days to install. Production of graphics can take longer but you would still have use of your vehicle in the meantime.

Paint Protection:

As it is with retaining resale value of a vehicle it is the same with paint protection. The vehicle wrap adds a layer of protection from the Suns UV rays, dirt, debris, weather conditions, bugs and other elements. That extra layer of protection can be just enough to keep a scratch that normally would dig through the clear coat from reaching the paint altogether. By protecting the paint from the suns harsh UV rays you would remove the vehicle wrap to find the paint right where you left it.

Easy Maintenance and Replacement: 

If part of the wrap is damaged you can replace that small section with vinyl as opposed to a costly paint job where paint matching, sanding and buffing would add much more cost to the repairs. If a panel must be replace you can easily wrap the replaced panel with the same vinyl. Whereas Paint must be waxed to protect the clear coat and damage from weather and the suns UV rays, a  wrap can achieve rejuvenation from a hand wash of soap and water. There are many products formulated and/or better suited for wraps. We can recommend products that fit your wraps needs.

Long Lasting and Safe Removal:  

As also stated within flexibility you can remove the wrap easily within 3 years for most wraps and most premium wraps are guaranteed for 7 years with the exception of matte finishes which have less UV protection as satin and gloss finishes. The long lasting durability and safe removal of vehicle wraps are one of the main aspects that rival paint and why many choose wraps over paint. Even wraps that have been on for longer than 3 years can be easily removed when using the proper wrap removal techniques such as vinyl rejuvenation or specialty removal chemicals.