Car show quality vs. Contractor Quality

Car Show Quality jobs can cost 2x the cost of Contracter Quality jobs.  More time and preparation goes into a Car Show Quality Wrap install in order to prevent seams, visible flaws and many parts may need to be removed in preparation to allow for this.

Most Contractor Quality jobs may require seams on vehicles such as a vans where the area exceeds the width of the available material. Many parts are left on the vehicle during install.

Some of the items that may need to be removed include:

Fender Flairs
Roof Racks
Front and Rear Bumpers
door handles

Note: Not everything above needs to be removed from the vehicle depending on agreed upon quality and scope of the project. Although removing as much as possible from the vehicle allows the best possible end product much of these items may be difficult or deemed unnecessary for the scope of the design. Car Show quality projects may require more than what is listed here whereas a Contractor Quality wrap install could require less. The scope of the project and responsibility of removing items should be discussed prior to Install.