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In the Meantime here is some helpful information.

Type of Vehicle can effect pricing in many ways such a the amount of coverage, curves, difficulty and the purpose of the wrap whether it is a company vehicle or to be displayed at a car show. Below is a sizing chart which shows the different amounts of material which may need to be used depending on the vehicle type. Cost per Square Foot is determined by the area to be covered, type of material, and job difficulty. This cost can sometimes include the cost for graphics design and installation.

Wrap Coverage Area and Options can vary in many ways if the design utilizes partial wrap coverage as opposed to doing a full wrap of if the design incorporates separate decals. We will go over the many options discussed here after submitting a request.

Premium Wrapping Cast Options include but are not limited to the following premium options and colors.

**Note: Colors are frequently added**

Full Color Digital Graphic Wraps are printed on premium wrapping cast vinyl and installed much of the same way as color change vinyl. Designs can use both color change vinyl and full color digitally printed vinyl as part of the final end product in some designs.